About the Artist

"Wildfowl carving is a natural extension of my professional training as a biologist," says Les whose rural home is shared with an eclectic variety of wildfowl and husky dogs. "My lifelong interest in natural history has provided the basic knowledge from which I draw the technical aspect of my art." The artistic side of the equation is the result of more than three decades’ experience at a time when wildfowl carving advanced from folk art to fine art. As wildfowl carving has evolved, Les has grown with it. His numerous awards, won in international competitions, and long list of proud collectors, attest to his expertise.
His carvings invite you to touch to reassure yourself they are of wood. Each carving captures a moment in time. "I try to make you, the viewer, feel as if you are part of the scene, even if just for an instant," says Les. As many as 200 hours may go into a single carving scene. The time and caring are reflected in Les’ carvings which are distributed throughout private collections across North America, Europe and Australia.
Les teaches beginners and advanced carvers through St.Lawrence College. Since 1979, more than 1000 students have studied wildfowl carving in his classes, making eastern Ontario a leader in modern wildfowl carving.
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